Self-Reflection, A Renewed Purpose, and A Little Bad Grammar

Hello, Everyone! I would like to sincerely apologize for my long absence from this blog and for the self-indulgent tone of this particular post, but life and some serious self-doubt do sometimes get in the way of consistent productivity and strictly objective composition.

When I first started my blog, I was excited to share my experiences homeschooling my two gifted, special needs sons as I suspected there were many others dealing with many of the same issues I had been addressing for years.  I had hoped that my struggles and victories would be both a source of advice and encouragement as well as a source of comfort to anyone trying to homeschool children similar to my own.

20170206162136-72162916-sqAs I interacted more and more with other bloggers and homeschoolers, I realized I was definitely not alone in the “homeschooling multiple children with special needs” department (very comforting), but I also realized that I was far less experienced and educationally qualified than many of the other bloggers currently posting their stories online (very intimidating and discouraging for this Type A, perfectionist person).

Did I mention that all of these bloggers also have wonderful and witty writing styles that I, quite frankly, do not? The constant inner voice of my high-school English teacher detailing proper essay writing was dictating a writing style that certainly wasn’t more compelling than others trying to relate the same ideas as me. I started to doubt the usefulness of my blog and truly felt that I had nothing unique to contribute to either the homeschooling or special needs community. There were far too many professionally trained teachers, doctors, therapists, and seasoned homeschoolers with strong support networks and engaging writing styles out there for me to have any kind of expertise or experience that was of value to anyone.

I am a very good book learner, but I think I am a very slow life learner. I am definitely getting older, and life has thrown our family quite a few curve balls in the last few years that have finally, maybe, made me realize a thing or two about what really matters in our short time on earth and where I fit in this world. And I do have a unique voice and an incredible, wonderful, unique family whose individual stories can be of significance to others even if it is only to bring a smile to someone’s face or to ignite a sliver of hope for a brief moment in a reader’s otherwise hectic day. While my experiences may mimic those of others, my personal set of circumstances and way of communicating may just resonate with someone in a special way that others cannot.

I am also an intensely private person, as are my husband and children. But, I have learned that the things that have helped me the most through all the tough times in my life are the heart-felt, personal revelations of others and their responses to my own 20170209223345-2689ec26-sqpersonal thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Knowing that you are not alone, that others care about you, and that you have made a positive impact on someone else are priceless realizations. Being willing to share your stories, even those that expose your imperfections (utterly terrifying for someone like me), is what connects you to those who are looking for inspiration and hope from your personal narrative.

So, I am back with a renewed drive and updated mission to share more of my experiences not only homeschooling my two boys but also working with their specific diagnoses. I may even break a few grammar rules along the way all in the hopes that you will find a tidbit of help, comfort, or fun in what I have seen in my amazing and unbelievably loving journey with Aristotle and Archimedes. Thank you for joining me!

2 thoughts on “Self-Reflection, A Renewed Purpose, and A Little Bad Grammar

  1. Welcome back! I personally find your writing style engaging – I think we all probably self-critique a little too much sometimes. I read some blogs by younger, hipper bloggers with fresh writing styles, and wish I could write like that, but you know, I’d probably look daft if I did! I couldn’t pull it off.


    1. Thank you, Ruth! I really appreciate the encouragement from a person who I consider to be a very accomplished writer with a very unique and interesting blog! And, yes, I never really could pull off the “cool” persona – my boys groan when I attempt their “gamers” language!


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