I am a wife, mother, Registered Dietitian, and homeschool parent of two gifted sons with special needs. I have the most loving and giving husband in history who has unselfishly supported me as we strive to educate our boys at home. Our children are in their late teenage years now and are protective of their right to decide when, how, and with whom to discuss their individual challenges and as such I have decided to write this blog using the pen name Jane A. Stanley rather than my given name. Since this blog was a direct result of my experiences providing classic education to non-classical learners, it seems appropriate to refer to our sons using the names of some of the greats of early education, Aristotle (that’s our philosophical son) and Archimedes (that’s our mechanically-inclined son). I hope you will enjoy my blog, and please, feel free to leave comments here or email me with your thoughts at jastanley@aristotleandarchimedes.com. Thank you for visiting!